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August 18, 2019


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Non Teaching Education Jobs a Person Can Be Involved In

A person can get involved in non-teaching jobs which are many other than teaching. Non teaching jobs in schools are defined as jobs one can do apart from teaching. It is common for employers to use education job board such as TrulyHired in order to recruit the best non-teaching staff. Latest non teaching jobs are clearly seen by potential non teaching employees. Below is a list of non-teaching jobs a person can do .

School counsellor are people who give guidance and counselling to people for their mental stability. In a person’s life, there are seasons where they may feel sad, have a feeling of being left out and of not belong and they need a person they can talk to for uplifting of their spirits. Other instances are when a student facing challenges at home and this leads to a drop in performance and withdrawal from teachers and fellow student. The importance of a school counsellor comes in this kind of situation. Through personal counselling, the counsellor can get the root of the problem and will know how to deal with it so that the person’s mind can be free from stress and disruptions.

Secretaries work in the administration office in the front desk. It is the work of the secretary to ensure clients are satisfied when they come to the institution in terms of services give, how they are welcomed and how they are served. Secretaries also do filling and documentation and they also work as messengers.

Librarians are important to an institution because they give the users an easy time by showing them how to go around the building. They ensure that there is order and flow in the library by ensuring the catalogue is well in place and all books are well arranged in a manner that it is easy to trace them.

School accountant are also important elements of an institution; they ensure that the school is running and operating effectively. The accountant ensures smoothness in an organisation by accessing financial reports and records of their customers. The work of the accountant is to ensure that data is analysed, recorded, summarised and accounted for to come up with a report that will help to make a decision for the running of the school.

Housekeeping is necessary for a school because it plays a major role. With the help of a housekeeper, a student will live comfortable since their needs will be met. Housekeeping in a school entails keeping records of student living in the hostels, ensuring that there are enough rooms and beds for them and when the need arises repair and maintenance of rooms and beds are done.