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December 1, 2019


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Anything You Need to Know about the Self-Defense Products Designed for Women

Due to the increase of the crime rates in this day and age, the people, especially the women, are advised that they should enroll and should learn the self-defense techniques and methods for this can help them in times of danger. Apart from the learning the self-defense methods or techniques, the women are also advised to purchase and learn how to use the different kinds of self-defense products or weapons which they can use during times of dangers or troubles and can provide them with the chance to escape; and some of the most common examples of this products include stun gun, pepper spray, knives, defense spray, tasers for women or self defense taser, and sap gloves.

The sap glove is also called hard knuckle glove and the basic purpose of producing such item is for offense and defense stance, and it is commonly being used in combats or flights that typically require hand-in-hand techniques. One of the most popular weapons or devices used for self-defense is the stun gun, and it is basically designed to produce electric shock with the effect to immobilize the attacker without causing them any serious or permanent physical injuries. The pepper is designed to create various effects especially in the eyes of the attacker, such as temporary blindness, tears, irritation, and pain, and such self-defense weapon is recognized as an aerosol spray. The active ingredient of the oils of the pepper spray is called as OC which stands for oleoresin capsicum, and this can be taken from cayenne peppers. The most common types of self-defense knives designed for women are the automatic knives and the butterfly knives, and each has their own restrictions in the different states of America. The self-defense weapon called as taser can actually be used by hitting any parts of the body of the attacker, and some of its effects include impairment of their motor skills, cause abnormality on their nerve traffic, and create involuntary muscle contractions.

One of the most recommended shops that sell all of these products is the Women on Guard with their main branch is located in Florida, and the customers may shop here or they may also visit the store’s website. The Women on Guard is also offering their customer with the product named as, Mace Defense Spray, with Mace as the brand name of this product. The defense spray produced by this manufacturer has various patterns such as gels, forced cone, foam, fogger, and broken stream or heavy stream, and they can be used by the women by first ensuring that there is an ample distance between them and their attacker, then aim the spray at the attacker’s facial region and eyes.