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December 1, 2019


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Augment the existing data protection you have

Data protection is being enforced in some parts of the world. Data protection, as observed, became common in other states and countries as well. This law emphasizes the importance of individual rights. A person now has the right to know what a company does with their personal data. Furthermore, people can take back whatever data was asked by companies if they are not amenable with what is done to it. A possible solution to that, is Truyo, which can provide automation and scale for your company to comply with the regulation.

If you are wondering who does gdpr apply to, it is universal. Security practices, breach notification, and privacy by design are under this privacy regulation. With Truyo, you can provide individual rights in an automated and streamlined manner. It can allow people to easily see their data tracked and control it to their liking. This can be a weakness for many companies. Not observing that regulation properly may result to mounting complaints and expensive fines for the company to answer to. Companies have to respect the individual rights of their clients.

Whatever data is tracked by a company on its customers can be accessed now by the said customers based on the data protection law. From a person’s shopping history, websites visited, and demographic information, are covered by this law. Majority of companies utilize multiple back-end systems to maintain the data. The person requesting the data must receive a format understandable enough, and it must be provided in less than two months. Other requests regarding the data like modification, deletion, or provision of an exportable format must be complied as well.

Personal data is any information capable of identifying a person. Information like computer IP address, medical information, credit card information, social media activity, are examples of personal data. Regardless if the data is public, work related, or public, the regulation also covers those. Through email or SMS, Truyo verifies any client request for data before a go signal is given for action. If you want more security at your end, Truyo can also add some third party verification for your employees and customers. If you want some adaptability with this solution, you can have it for your enterprise requirements and security standards.

Companies with cloud instance can still use this solution in conjunction with it. Task assignments, requests, and task fulfilled can be monitored by the solution. If you ask for a report on those actions, the solution can provide a graphical report that can easily be understood.

Truyo CCPA compliance follows medical information, social security numbers, mailing addresses, and names as under said regulation. Visit here to find more information about this solution. Get the services of this solution starting today.

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